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WE(d) FORFEIT (Mix 13.1-13.4) :: The Marital Mixes (feat. Zorz and Dank Matter)

WE(d) FORFEIT (Mix 13.1-13.4) :: The Marital Mixes (feat. Zorz and Dank Matter)

WE(d) FORFEIT (Mix 13.1) :: The Entrance

Chris got the show on the road with a show-stopping selection. Slickly switching between brooding house to bright-eyed belters, the WE FORFEIT man delivers the goods and then some. Synth scented disco from Patrick Cowley, analogue beams from Infinity Night alongside a smattering of Crème Oganization classics.

DL :
Tracklist ::
Heinrich Dressel :: Inside Outsight (Slow Motion)
Das Ding :: Conun Drum (Go Finger)
Fabio Vinuesa :: Introduction (Hooded)
Mori-Ra :: Mirage (Bercueuse Heroique)
MM :: Holding You (M.W. Cut) (Bio Rhythm)
Curses :: Pedal To The Metal And Don’t Look Back (Bordello A Parigi)
Patrick Cowley :: Tech-No-Logical World (Hispavox)
Infinity Night :: Dark Energy (Dalmata Daniel)
East Wall :: Privacy (Dark Entires)
Younger Than Me :: Don Demorder (Bordello A Parigi)
Bangkok Impact :: Missionary On Mars (Clone)
Wall $treet :: Greed (Mysidian)
Chase Smith :: Muzyka Kompjuter (Kraftjerkz)
Legowelt :: Conquestadores Extraterrestriales (Remix) (Viewlexx, Panama)
Hutton Drive :: It’s Dark But I’m Not Afraid (Seventh Sign)
The Gherkin Jerks :: Meltdown (Gherkin Tracks)
Afrika Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force :: Planet Rock (Instrumental) (The Perfect Beat)

WE(d) FORFEIT (Mix 13.2) :: The Newlyweds

Robbie and Katie stepped up next. After their speech (included by the way), Robbie’s a tad beer stained, the fresh faced couple went back to back for a mix of favourites. Emotional bangers from the suited and booted pair include a range from the likes of Marilyn on Dark Entries, John Carpenter, New Order with some soaring synth numbers care of Bordello A Parigi and Vivod. Was that Sabrina at the end?
DL :
Tracklist ::
Jan Hammer :: Crockett’s Theme (Instrumental) (RCA)
Savage :: “Don’t Cry Tonight” (ZYX Music)
Marilyn :: Marilyn (Dark Entries)
Baltimore :: Tarzan Boy (Dub Mix)
Miko Mission :: How Old Are You (ZYX Music)
Robert Auger :: Night Train to Nowhere (Cosmic Club Edit) (Cosmic Club)
John Carpenter :: Assault On Precinct 13 (Disco Mix) (ZYX Music)
New Order :: Blue Monday (Hacienda Mix)
T.O.Y. :: New Life (Bordello A Parigi)
Dario Dell’Aere :: Eagles In The Night ‎ (Dark Entries)
H&S :: Dynamite (Deep Mix) (Mothball)
Kraver ::Moorea (Bordello A Parigi)
Pin Up Club :: Friends Of The Vortex (Bordello A Parigi)
Chinaski :: Surfin’ Dead (Bordello A Parigi)
Monkeyshop :: Island Of Love (Vivod)
Peet Need :: Here Comes The Arps (Bordello A Parigi)
Palermo Disco Squad :: La Favorita (Bordello A Parigi)
Chrissy :: Take Me Away (Edit) (Chicago Style)
Cameo :: Word Up (12″ Version) (Mercury)
Mel & Kim :: Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend) (The Mortgage Mix) (Blow Up)
Sabrina :: Boys (Dub Version) (Indalo)

WE(d) FORFEIT (Mix 13.3) Zorz :: The Cake Cut / Bouquet Throw

Zorz cut some heavy slabs of disco, synthwave and all manner of free-flowing funk as the newlyweds fought their way through pastry. Expect tripped out proto-house, red blooded electro and sky gazing synth wave. As the bouquet flew Zorz put the foot to the floor and drove home some body jerk bangers, including one from our friends at Frigio.

Tracklist ::
Hitomi Tohyama :: Wanna Kiss (Columbia)
Credit 00 :: System Down (Bordello A Parigi )
Jack J :: Something (On My Mind) (Mood Hut)
General P.D.C :: Amazon Dub (Beesmunt Soundsystem Version) (Notte Brigante)
Jensen Interceptor – Route E ( Power Station)
Credit 00 :: Traumorgel (Bordello A Parigi )
Strafe :: Set it off (Instrumental mix)
Dawl + Sween :: Transmitting Sounds (Klasse Wrecks)
Basic Channel :: Q1.1/I (Basic Channel)
Passarani :: Innowave (Offen music)
Charlie ‎:: Spacer Woman (Dark Entries)
Mike Dunn Presents MD III ‎:: Going Nowhere (1st Take) (Clone Jack For Daze)
Luca Lozano :: Super Rhythm Track (Super Rhythm Trax)
O-Wells :: Slangin Rockx (Die Orakel)
Model 500 ‎:: The Chase (Metroplex)
Greyhouse :: New Beats The House (Dark entries)
Jensen Interceptor :: Delayed Response ( Power Station)
Capracara :: Flashback 86 (Soul Jazz Records)
Red 7 :: I Lost My Shoes On Acid
Im Kellar :: Bolwerk (Moustache Records)
Robot Man‎ :: Do Da Doo (Plastikman’s ‘Acid House’ Remix) (Definitive)
Techno Bert ‎:: Neue Dimensionen (Mannequin)
Random XS ‎:: Give Your Body (Delta Funktionen 3AM Mix) (Delsin)
DJ Overdose ‎:: Mindstorms (Craigie Knowes)
Yello :: Lost Again (Extended)
Jenson Interceptor, Assembler Code :: Runner (Boysnoize )
Volta Cab ‎:: Johnny 320 (Frigio)
FIT Siegel :: First Found (Fit Sound)
Omar S :: Party Marty (Synth’s By Roland Boutique) (FXHE)

WE(d) FORFEIT (Mix 13.4) Dank Matter :: The Last Dance

The kilted-man killed it for the curtain fall. Pushing tracks, and hearts, well into the red, the Schrodinger’s Box boss created a sweatbox in the lush hills outside Madrid with a set of gold dust brilliance. Italo fuelled, disco injected, scratch scented extravaganza from Glasgow’s selector sensation (even a bit of Boards of Canada’s Hell Interface remake of Midas Touch in here!)
Company B :: Perfect Lover
The Wall :: Fire (M.W. Cut)
Time :: Shaker Shake
Ten City :: That’s The Way Love Is (Acieed Mix)
Prince :: Contro (Wish We Edit) :: Secret Mixes Fixes Vol. 4 – Star Wars
Kiss :: I Was Made For Loving You
One Way :: Let Me Feel Your Body
Paul Parker :: Right On Target
Eric Bell :: Your Love
Larry Heard presents Mr. White :: The Sun Can’t Compare
Girls On Top :: I Wanna Dance With Numbers
Shannon :: Give Me Tonight
Freestyle :: It’s Automatic
Fred Ventura :: I’m Not Ready
The Flirts :: Helpless (You Took My Love)
Wind :: Luxury
Madonna :: Into The Groove
Chilly :: For Your Love (Special Edit)
The Clash :: Rock The Casbah
Phantasy :: Move Ahead
Animotion :: Obsession
Kano :: Another Life
Prince :: When Doves Cry
Mr. Flagio :: Take A Chance (Instrumental)
Phyllis Nelson :: I Like You
Seidah Garrett :: Do You Want It Right Now
Sylvester :: Rock The Box (Dance Version)
The System :: It’s Passion
Capricorn :: I Need Love
Midnight Star :: Midas Touch (Hell Interface Remix)
The Human League :: Don’t You Want Me
Chip E :: If You Only Knew (If You Dance Mix)

Wall to wall lollipops and love from needle drop to the end. ¡Besitos guapísimas y guapísimas! WE(d) FORFEIT.

And the full near seven hours altogether on soundcloud:

Dedicated to Katie Geoghegan.

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Video of the day, thanks Dennis!

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WE FORFEIT & Zorz (Mix 12):: Creatures Of The Night Vol 9. (05.03.2019 – Radio Relativa – Madrid)

The club can be a strange environment. One moment you are a coal mine with a mirrorball and strobe lights, the next it is the most inviting, friendly faces and comradery in every corner. It was during the latter that I met Zorz, DJ, member of Pi Electronics and all round music aficionado.
DJ Sneaker was playing here in Madrid and I bumped into lover of all things electronic and, as luck would have it, I had just done an interview with a very good friend of his, the boss of Pi Electronics.
Luck will have it that Zorz not only shared an astoundingly similar taste in music to Robbie and Chris, he also lived a stone’s throw away in Robbie’s barrio. Since then some cracking days, nights and mornings have been enjoyed together including a recent session for WE FORFEIT to try their luck on Zorz’s Creatures of the Night show hosted on Madrid’s very own. Although we were all fairly bleary eyed after being out the night before at Ultradyne, we dusted ourselves down, ironed the shirts and made our way to the studio off Calle Atocha.
The two hour set is opened by the host. Faced with a pair of turntables, CDJs and a rotary mixer, Zorz effortlessly makes his way through a spread of styles. Rich textured ambience, soulful techno, toughened EBM and otherworldly trips. Tracks come from far and wide including Crystal Maze on aDepth Audio, fellow countryman DimDj and the Mannequin mastermind Alessandro Adriani.
Robbie is up for the next forty five minutes. Homage is paid to many of the artists who have played in Madrid in the last two months (and there has been an incredible amount of quality on offer.) Ultradyne, Junq, Cignol, DMX Krew and Univac, all of whom graced the Spanish capital with sets between January and March are represented. Homegrown Iberian talent is well represented by Old Coroner (played at 45rpm to give it a bit of whack) on Waste Editions and Sweden’s Fishermen attacking their fellow countryman Celldöd on Madrid’s very own Femur. Darker moments come care of Tropical Goth’s Shredder while brighter spots from Bordello A Parigi’s always incandescent catalogue.
Chris closes the proceedings with a bubbling stew of darkened electronics, future-gazing funk and industrial ooze. New talent melts with dusty gems as record shelves are plundered for this cracking set. Grisly techno comes care of Rise Black before the uplifting Reflective Souls and moody tones of Farron on Forbidden Planet. Metal glints in the steely productions of Betek and Jensen Interceptor with angular softened by the legendary Bitstream and deep currents of Hodge on Berceuse Heroique. Chris closes with some red blooded bangers and late night warehouse classics.
Despite giving away a far bit in the above, we’ve decided not to provide a full tracklist (although we will on request.) ¡Enjoi!
Thanks again to Zorz and the guys at Radio Relativamuchísimas gracias!

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WE FORFEIT (Mix 11) :: Something Approaching Happiness


Although Robbie likes mixing records, he is not a fan of DJ culture. The hype around “selections” made by such and “gets up my goat” he says. How so-and-so managed to unearth some lost gem through hours of crate diggin’ never sat right.
Of course there is a satisfaction to hearing something unheard, of finding out about an unknown and the delight of discovering a new label or even genre. However, the almost elitist sense that we all have cavernous record stores within spitting distance of our homes and hours of your time can be dedicated to flipping through sagging sleeves and warped wax is fantasy world stuff. Obviously, it is important to support your local record shop, but it is just as important to support contemporary labels rather than gazing moony eyed at some disco records bordering on proto-house on Discogs.
The majority of the tracks in this mix were bought on sale, not all but the majority, and WE FORFEIT figured it would be nice to celebrate some modern music that for some reason or other slipped through the gaps and really shouldn’t have. Others are from labels Robbie has had the pleasure of working with, such as the always excellent Bordello A Parigi, Shipwrec, as well as something from one of Glasgow’s stars: Schrödinger’s Box.
The point? The past of electronic music is a wonderful thing and holds a wealth of possibilities, just like the present. To paraphrase Calvin and Hobbes, there’s treasure, and ironies, everywhere.

Tracklist ::
Mueller, Roedelius :: About Tape (feat. Brian Eno Remix, and Peter Kruder) (Grönland)
POV :: R-Type III (Dub) (Crowdspacer)
Benedikt Frey :: Out Of Here (Roman Flügel Cosmic Disco Drama Rework) (Hivern Discs)
Antoni Maiovvi :: Unbecoming (Schrödinger’s Box)
Alex Cortex :: Spike Train (Barba)
The Valley And The Mountain :: Detxploit ‎(Shipwrec)
Pixelife :: Omega Block (Samo)
Strange Culture :: Apples In The Airlock (Invisible Inc.)
Tyler Friedman ‎:: A Night In The Woods (Kontra Musik)
Exhausted Modern :: Djullanar The Sea Girl (Midlight)
ASSS :: Murals Seen (Haunted Air)
Helmer :: You Say I For Me (Valcrond Video)
Drvg Cvltvre :: New Earth Army (Cos_Mos)
IchiSan ‎:: Metamundus (Bordello A Parigi)
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WE FORFEIT (Mix 10.1 & 10.2) :: Baroque Sounds Of The British Isles & Music and Chips Sesiónes

CHRIS with festive cheer

Chris is tremulous with festive cheer. Inspired by his recent jaunt to Berlin, where E.R.P. and Container were sampled at Pi Electronics and Mechatronica frequented, our resident Glaswegian serves up a collection of full boded, red blooded machine music. Names leaping from his merry mix include Artefakt, Plant43 and Spain’s own Univac. Chris has dug deep to unearth some past pearls on Djax-Up-Beats and U-trax as well as contemporary talent like Galaxian and Prostitutes. Expect BPM’s to boil over with this no-prisoners taken selection, ears will ring in the new year with the Baroque Sounds Of The British Isles.

Farron :: Cerrome (Forbidden Planet)
Analog Attack :: 303 + Composer (Djax-up-Beats)
Noord Halle :: 5r Jefre (Bakk)
The Burrell Connection :: Hyper_14.255 (Craigie Knowes)
The Advent :: Dorian Blue (Thema)
Woody McBride :: Huge (Bush)
Univac :: Unknown Radio (30D Records)
Artefakt :: Falling Into the Light (Delsin)
Plant43 :: Fluid Reasoning (Semantica)
214 :: Sidestepping (Harbour City Sorrow)
Gian :: Subdimensional (LACKREC)
Chaos :: Afrogermanic (Underground Resistance)
Bishop :: The Last Rung Of The Ladder (U-Trax)
Galaxian :: Days Of Rage (Shipwrec)
Prostitutes :: Call In from BroadWay (Diagonal)
Cane :: Reeze (Marguerita)

CHRIS & ROBBIE’s Madrid takeover

Robbie’s choices come from two sets that the WE FORFEIT men did here in Madrid in 2019. Each month Music and Chips takes over Ballesta club and opens its arms, and decks, to those with a bit of vinyl running in their veins. Attempting to follow a similarly banging vein to Chris, Robbie has chosen some big boned bruisers, dizzy eyed ravers and leather jacket stompers alongside synth pop dreamers and glow stick purveyors.


Tracklist ::
Rude 66 :: On The Edge Of Time (Bordello A Parigi)
V :: Faux (Nautilus Rising)
Philipp Gorbachev :: To The Last Station (PG Tune)
Ike Yard :: Cherish 8 (Arnaud Rebotini Remix) (Desire)
Ratchett Traxxx :: Ill Muthafucka Alert (Ratchett Traxxx)
Anthony Parasole :: Bang The Drum (Dekmantel UFO Series)
Techno Bert ‎:: Neue Dimensionen (Mannequin)
Kirlian Camera :: Edges (ZYX Records)
R-Zone :: Ship Of Tears (R-Zone)
Zozi :: Mellow Vibe (1080p)
Future Four :: Phase 2 (Phantasy Sound)
Neville Watson :: Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts (KiNK & Rachel) (Crème Organization)
Trance Wax :: Trance 14 (Trance Wax)
Yourhighness :: La Bahía Erotíca (Rollerboys)
PBR Streetgang :: Late Night Party Line (Streetgang Jams)

Hugs and kisses to everyone who has listened over 2018 and be ready for more to come in 2019. Love and liquorice. WE FORFEIT.

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WE FORFEIT (Mix 9) :: A Rolling Jamal Gathers No Moss

Tracklist ::
Robbie can’t remember when he first got into Jamal Moss (aka Hieroglyphic Being, aka The Sun God, aka a heap of other monikers, pseudonyms and aliases), but he does remember being smacked in the face by his music. Drum laden tracks of daring and dynamic complexity. Ultra raw productions where instruments fly into distortions, basslines that bulge and flex before EQs spin like whirling tops, tracks that sing with sublime strings, works that howl with a guttural rage and beam with a shamanic spiritualism.
The Chicago musician was born and breed on the music of his city. Frequenting monuments like the Power Plant and Medusa’s, as well as being tutored by some of the pioneers of the sound like Adonis and Steve Pointdexter, Moss was raised on Gherkin Records and Traxx with a healthy diet of European imports. Over a twenty year career Moss has shattered the preconceptions of house and techno, obliterating genre tags as he puts a battering ram through barriers and walls before rebuilding compositions from the coarse and jagged debris.
Moss has remade himself from the rust and rubble of America’s decaying industrial towns, taking influence from the abandoned warehouses and the boarded up neighborhoods while finding hope in the possibilities of utilizing the past to realize a better future. His views are in one breath wide eyed and optimistic and in another sense brutally realistic and that juxtaposition permeates his attitude and music.
His mainstay is his Hieroglyphic Being nom de plume. Well represented in this hour long all vinyl mix put together by Robbie, under this alias Moss has featured on labels as diverse as Klang Elektronik, Planet Mu and Soul Jazz as well as his own Mathematics Recordings. The Chicago based artist has also collaborated with a number of like-minded knob twiddlers, working with Noleian Reusse as Africans With Mainframes and his old mentor Steve Pointdexter as Faces Drums.
Not only will you find relentless, punishing percussion in this mix, but also a tenderness. Moss is known for hammering his audience with a sonic barrage and Robbie has kept much of that rhythmic energy in his selection, he has also tried to show the subtle side of the Mathematics founder where playful whimsy, off-kilter wonkiness and outlandish experimentation abound.
A polyphonic poet, a monophonic monolith, an artist who will amuse, bemuse and bewitch. Jamal Moss is a musician who is always demanding, moving, shifting and reshaping his sound and self with this mix showing but a fraction of what The Sun God is all about. Enjoy. WE FORFEIT.
Prins Thomas :: D (Hieroglyphic Being Beat Rework) (Smalltown)
Hieroglyphic Being :: Free The Energy (No Vocal Energy) (Last Known Trajectory)
Faces Drums :: Pathways 2 Serenity (Mathematics Recordings)
Africans With Mainframes :: Pulse Of An African Land (Mathematics)
Africans With Mainframes :: The Joy Of Being (Mathematics)
Faces of Drums :: The Lost Tracks 6 (Mathematics)
Hieroglyphic Being :: Star Time (Technicolour)
The Sun God :: Spoken By The Spirits (Sequencias)
Africans With Mainframes :: RB-3 (Bio Rhythm)
Hieroglyphic Being :: A Synthetic Love Life (+ + +)
The Sun God :: Tower Of Ha (Bio Rhythm)
Hieroglyphic Being & The Configurative Or Modular Me Trio :: Azimuthal Equidistant (Mathematics)
I.B.M. ‎:: Kill Bill (Interdimensional Transmissions)

Samples from the excellent Origins series by Resident Advisor:

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WE FORFEIT (Mix 8) :: Timix for Passerby (Corked 11)

We were asked to put this one together from a musical mate I met back in Belfast, Tim Carroll, who has recently set up a label with his mate Gus. Back then we were moony eyed floor walkers in the corporate world, now we’re older. Passerby‘s mission statement is to “release film and music, with an emphasis on the earthy and ethereal” and to date the imprint has lived up to that with some cracking audio visual ventures such as a documentary on Detroit’s lesser heard hip hop, “A Detroit Beat Tape,” alongside a burgeoning catalogue of mixes from folk far and wide in the form of Corked.
For this one Robbie and Chris have wandered down a more abstract and ambient path. Chris has chosen some cracking tracks from labels from across the globe and from some known more for a tougher more galvanized style, such as Power Vacuum and Frustrated Funk. “South Pacific” is taken from a Joey Beltram’s Aonox album, a collection of tracks with a far milder sound than his well known punchy productions which was released last year. Chris also chose a really sweet number from Caron’s excellent EP from a couple of years back as well as offering two tracks from labels based in Spain: El Gaviero Ediciones and the superb Lapsus.
Robbie has picked out a selection of old ambient records with some modern abstract experimentations. To start off is the strangely intimate musical machinations of Zoviet*France before the modulations of Severence and the rough edges of TR Kirstein & Sune T.B. Nielsen. In the middle is a favourite from Richard Devine with two selections from the excellent Chill Out or Die Vol 2 on Rising high split by the warmth of FrameWatcher on Shimmering Moods. Robbie has reviewed a number of the records from which tracks have been selected, such as Roger 23’s cracking LP on Mensch and Oubys’ eerie sci-fi inspired Second Planet. The finale comes in the shape of Lexanculpt’s orchestral “Anburl” from Gosub’s always inspiring Isophlux.

Tracklist ::
Alma Construct :: Circulator (Power Vacuum)
VC-118A :: Sequence (Frustrated Funk)
Joey Beltram :: South Pacific (Ownlife)
Caron :: Enlightened (030303)
Juan Manuel Cindrón :: La Colección de Samuel (El Gaviero Ediciones)
Pye Corner Audio :: Mainframe (Lapsus Records)
Four Hands / Zoviet*France :: Mountain Of Mammon (:Zoviet*France: Version) (Signals)
Severence :: Benjolin Drone I (Mensch)
TR Kirstein & Sune T.B. Nielsen ‎:: I Am So Happy I Could Spit (Infinite Waves)
Richard Devine :: Anthracite T. Vari (Schematic)
Friends, Lovers & Family :: Turning The Screws (Rising High)
FrameWatcher :: Seed Growing Secretly (Shimmering Moods)
Influx :: Dreamscape (Rising High)
Roger 23 :: Grey Clouds (Mensch)
Oubys :: Iso Prism (Testtoon)
Lexaunculpt :: Anburl (Isophlux)
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WE FORFEIT (Mix 7) :: YooDJ's Special

Meself and Chris are deligthed to have been asked to make a mix for the excellent YooDJ's blog. Ubiquitous black and white photo included, pair of us looking stoical after some bad dental news.

WE FORFEIT (Mix 7) :: YooDJ's Special
(1st part):
Richard H. Kirk :: Lost Souls On Funk (Warp) (45 rpm)
Man Power :: Boys Beware (Pale Blue Drum-A-Pella Remix) (Correspondent)
Kiwisubzorus :: Androspace (Vielspaß)
Jared Wilson :: Smartbar Acid (Dixon Avenue Basement Jams)
Dramatis Personae :: Blasphemie (Vielspaß)
Ian Martin :: The Surveillance Society (Bio Rhythm)
Das Ding :: Try Out (Minimal Wave)
(2nd part):
Melatonin Man :: To Allocate :: (Nous Klaer Audio)
James Shinra :: Runn :: (Analogical Force)
Plant 43 :: Edge Of The Wood :: (Eudemonia)
/DL/MS/ :: Flowers :: (Frustrated Funk)
Aquarian Motion :: Serenade :: (Voodoo Gold Records)
Betonkust :: Entertaining My Goth :: (9300 Records)

Interview with the pair of us here:

Download the mix for your walks around the town, from thrift store to thrift store and then into Greggs before a night on the tiles.
All mixes can be found here.